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Booze Cruise Buddy

Smuggs Jugs Can "Sneak Alcohol on a Cruise"



Sneak Alcohol on a Cruise with Smuggs Jugs

If Smuggs Jugs Can do it, you can too. Want to know How to Sneak Alcohol on the Cruise? It is easier than you thought. Our Famous Smuggs Jugs Flasks are the ultimate way to sneak Alcohol on a Cruise.  You can conveniently sneak alcohol in an undetectable, collapsible, reusable, and leak proof almost weightless Smuggs Jugs Cruise Flask. Flask Kits are available in many varieties for 3-4 day cruises, 7 day cruises, Shampoo and Conditioner Bottle Varieties, Liquor and Mixer Flask Kits, Mini Mixer Flask Kits, The Ultimate Cruise and Wine Flask Kits, Mega Liquor Booze Flask Kit. Look at the different Flask Kits, compare a few and pick the Flask Kit that is right for you and your event or trip.

Smuggs Jug Sneaks Alcohol on a Cruise all the time

Smuggle Booze & Say Bon Voyage and enjoy your low cost beverage consumption on the cruise ship or anywhere. Sneak on your Liquor, Bring your own Booze; Rum, Tequila, Scotch, Vodka, Wine, bring it all, have your fill and mix your own Margaritas, Rum Runners, Tom Collins, Martinis, whatever you like.That is the benefit of sneaking your alcohol on the Cruise. Smuggs Jugs can be used for any trip and event; Cruises, Sporting Events, Football Games, Baseball Games, Concerts, Street Fairs, Parties, Camping, Fishing Etc. Even if you just do not want to carry the big heavy bottles on a personal family Camping trip, Picnic, Reunion, Anniversary, Reception. Now sneaking your alcohol is easy and affordable with Smuggs Jugs.

How to Sneak Booze on a Cruise?

Tip: Check your Luggage on! The Port Authority is responsible for X-raying your checked luggage. The Port Authority is checking for Transport Containers; Traditional Wine Bottles, Glass Bottles and Metal Caps, and not, liquor, booze or wine hidden in our Famous Smuggs Jugs Alcohol Flasks, Bon Voyage! Start Saving Today and Sneak your Alcohol on a Cruise.